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About Us

A Brief Story On Who We Are, How And Why We Started Making Chocolate.


Brazilian Couple Leaves Its Settled Life In A Big City And Starts To Make Chocolate In The Heart Of California.

Tiny House of Chocolate Artisans was created to fulfill our deepest desire to explore our creativity through bean-to-bar chocolate and share the creations we make with our beloved community, friends and family. After many years working in the corporate world and advertising agencies in São Paulo, Brazil, we decided to make our own path.

In Santa Cruz CA Maiana Lasevicius and Gustavo Hilsdorf felt the freedom and the spark to start anew. Seeking a different lifestyle in a new country and culture, we’ve learned new skills, we’ve recollected old knowledge and discovered an amazing way to express ourselves: making chocolate with the purest and natural ingredients – the way we like to eat it.

Make yourself at home!

– Gustavo & Maiana.


Fewer Walls, More Horizons.

Fewer walls, more horizons means freedom. To follow your heart’s path and enjoy the view. Launching yourself to the new, a road not before trodden. Discover a world of possibilities and flavors on the journey. Having the freedom to carry only the essentials, no frills. Deepening your inside world and having a broader view of the outside. Reinventing yourself again and again. We believe in the freedom to come and go, to live abroad. To think outside the norm. No walls to separate us. Horizons to explore