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A space where we’ll share all the things, people and stories that somehow inspire us. From articles about cacao’s healthy properties and recipes to short stories and photo essays of people we admire. We use to say that “chocolate is a medium to express our creativity”, and indeed it is. Not only in our chocolate and cacao creations but also in how we can use our company as interface for content and storytelling in our community.

Our posts

Cacao as Economy Booster

How cacao family farming production can boost regional and national economy....

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Haute Cuisine: Savory Recipes

As versatile as it gets: how to use chocolate and cacao in haute cuisine savory dishes. If you think...

The Power of Amazon Women

Get to know the history of female protagonism and entrepreneurship responsible for introducing Baniw...

Meet Jack From Chocolate Covered

Hidden gem in SF has one of the widest varieties of craft chocolates in North America and you’ve got...

Interview With Brazilian Artists: Toco-Oco

Discover the pioneer story of a Brazilian artist couple who switched art galleries for collectible s...

Interview With The Artist: Victoria Villasana

A picture, colours and texture. For the textile artist Victoria Villasana, these three elements are ...

Cacao: The Ultimate Superfood

Like movie superheroes, cacao – the main ingredient of chocolate – is a superfood and can also save ...