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Gifts & Box Sets

Chocolate Experience Box


Products included in this box: 1 Cacao Nectar / 1 Cacao Nibs / 1 Cacao Tea / 6 Chocolate Bars*

About this box

Indulge in our complete chocolate and cacao experience, elegantly presented in a black Tiny House Chocolate box. This gift is perfect for inspiring special moments and embarking on a delicious journey.

Discover the unique flavors of our Cacao Nectar, a divine syrup made from cacao mucilage, which we refer to as "vegan honey". Our Cacao Nibs are roasted, shelled, and crushed cacao beans, perfect for snacking or boosting meals, smoothies, or salads with their superfood properties.

Savor our loose leaf Cacao Tea, a blend of carefully selected ingredients full of antioxidants and medicinal properties. It's named after an intriguing mythical tale about secret springs that rejuvenate anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters.

Lastly, indulge in a selection of our six favorite chocolate bars, crafted with unique flavors to excite your taste buds. Experience the perfect blend of our single-origin chocolate with a variety of ingredients, including Sarsaparilla Root, Arabica Coffee, Earl Grey Tea and more.

This gift box will provide a complete and delightful experience for any chocolate and cacao lover.